Winter Workout – Suzy’s Snowy Kettlebell Swings

by Suzy Oge on January 20, 2013

While local Lab Rats in St. Louis were busy posting weekend pics of sunny bike rides, runs and even “top down” on the way to the gym, taking advantage of unseasonably warm weather …back in Holland, snow and icy conditions landed at the exact same moment as I did on Monday and the fun continues. At times like these when the roads can be treacherous or at best extremely slow going, I am so happy to have a car full of kettlebells! (and dumb bells, and a barbell.)  So no need to panic about getting a workout in. But even if you don’t have your own collection, no excuses! Plenty of body weight exercises to choose from!  And for a fun warm-up set, I  like to use the super-cute, laughing barbell pictured below:-)

So get out and enjoy a winter workout and if you do go deadlift your daughter, be very careful!! And please send me photos of your winter workout!

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