Why STRONG is the new black?

My total body transformation has started a fitness trend among the people in my life as well as random strangers I encounter. To see these people make the first step and take action makes me ecstatic! Even though I probably do talk to strangers more than most people, I started this website to reach people like you who are searching for something; a specific fitness topic or weight loss secret or most importantly… searching for hope!

If I can do it, so can you. I swear! I am still astounded by my success and record breaking speed of weight loss, even better FAT loss. Who could imagine 25 lbs in 6 weeks, 46 lbs in 3 months, 53 lbs in 4 months, 60 pounds in less than 6 months? I never expected it, but while it is true that I am shrinking almost every day, at the same time I am getting STRONGER every single day, and this is incredibly empowering!

Do you know your own strength?

Strength training, especially for women, is not yet en vogue. Many people are still resistant to the idea and misinformed about the potential health and weight loss benefits. The trend is coming soon and this Strength Training Trend won’t be a mini one, because it really works. So the time is now, go hit the heavy weights! To quote my Coach Dunn, “Lift heavy & stay strong”!

When do you reach for black?

Black is Basic, Black is Sexy, Black is Powerful, Black is Elegant, Black is Timeless, Black is a Statement, Black is a layer of Defense, and Black is ALWAYS Slimming!

Strong is Basic, Strong is Sexy, Strong is Powerful, Strong is Elegant, Strong is Timeless, Strong is a Statement, Strong is a layer of Defense, and STRONG is ALWAYS slimming!

So Get your Strong on… and Wear it Well!